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eLearning with Bugs & Bare Feet is the quickest & easiest way for you to access online courses with the flexibility of anywhere, anytime learning. Our courses are made for easy understanding and let you revise and extend your knowledge and professional development at your own pace, with full control of your learning.

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Exploring the EYLF Version 2 Webinar

For Educators Working With Children 0-6 Years Old

Have you had the chance to read through the new version of The Early Years Learning Framework?
Have you explored the updates and new terminology?
Have you reflected on how the changes will impact your practices?

If you’re still a little unsure or haven’t had a deep dive as yet, this webinar is for you!

Critical Reflection Webinar

Reflective practice is a vital aspect of an educator’s role. Did you know that it is mentioned over 120 times in the Guide to the National Quality Framework! There is a difference between reflection and critical reflection which can sometimes be confusing. 
This webinar makes the process of all types of reflective practice much more manageable and understandable. If you are the Educational Leader in your service, you may need to guide the process of critical reflection to support deeper thinking and thinking otherwise.

Supporting Children’s Behaviour Webinar

Educators often struggle to support children with behaviour and sometimes misinterpret the child’s attempts to communicate a need as ‘behaving inappropriately.’ Sometimes children do behave inappropriately as they don’t yet have the skills to communicate their needs effectively.
This webinar will support educators to be able to identify and respond to the needs of children in a peaceful and helpful way. This session will also provide some simple strategies to support children to think and to make choices to support their agency.

Nature and Aboriginal Perspectives Webinar

We have had the privilege of meeting with Aboriginal Elders who were so generous in sharing culture with us and encouraged us to make steps towards embedding Aboriginal culture in a more everyday way.
Towards this end; we have been given permission to share these steps with you, as you aim to connect children with nature more meaningfully. We are so excited to bring this webinar to you!

Assessment & Planning Cycle Webinar

Over time, the planning cycle and documentation processes have become over- complicated, misinterpreted, misunderstood and misused. Instead of being a rewarding and purposeful process, documentation is now dreaded and leaves many educators feeling overwhelmed.
This one hour webinar brings documentation back to what educators ‘must’ do, whilst focussing on what is most meaningful for each child. After each section, there are questions to support learning and reflection. A certificate of participation is awarded on completion.

Compliance in Family Day Care Webinar

Family Day Care Educators, this webinar is just for you and focusses on the practices you follow every day that keep children safe and ensure you are compliant with the Laws and Regulations applicable to Family Day Care.
This webinar is a great ‘refresher’ for current educators and is perfect training for brand new educators beginning their Family Day Care journey.

Interacting with Children Webinar

Building relationships with children through responsive, respectful and helpful interactions should be a priority to anyone working in Education and Care. Children need to feel connected and attached to caring, calm and peaceful educators but how can we achieve this when a typical day presents so many distractions for educators, like documentation and jobs that need to be completed.
This webinar will give educators practical strategies for ensuring interactions with children are meaningful and self-esteem building rather than directive and controlling.

Educator Wellbeing (30 Minute) Webinar

It’s not hard to notice that many educators are feeling burnt out, down and perhaps even disillusioned within the sector at the moment. It can be easy to focus on the negatives.
This mini-webinar encourages educators to focus on their own wellbeing, positive mindset and being mindful of things that are within our own control.

If you need multiple enrolments in a single course, simply purchase the number of enrolments you need and add the learners names and emails in the Additional Information (Order notes) section on the checkout screen and we will enrol them for you! You’re also welcome to Contact Us with a list of the learners details that you want enrolled and we can do that too!

YOU  Totally  Got  This!

Child Protection Course

Educators who complete this course will become more confident in advocating for the needs of children.
This course will support educators to identify children who may be at risk of abuse or neglect. It is important that educators know the children in their care so they can identify the physical and/or behavioural indicators as soon as possible so cases can be reported and the child can be supported appropriately. This course covers recording and reporting requirements for educators in all States and Territories of Australia

Active Supervision Course

This course also highlights the importance of interacting with children whilst supervising and suggests ways educators can interact positively and scaffold learning too!
So many things can go wrong in Education and Care if Educators are not 100% present and actively supervising children. This course takes educators through all the aspects to be aware of regarding active supervision with specific and practical strategies to implement.

OSHC Safety & Active Supervision Course

This Online Training Course will explore safety and supervision in Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) and share specific strategies educators can embed in their practice.
OSHC is a unique setting as groups of school aged children are together and are often a wide range of ages. This can pose some challenges to ensure that experiences and environments are suitable and SAFE for each age group.  Children of different ages and abilities will also need varying levels of supervision.

Becoming a Room Leader Course

This unique course is a must for all room leaders wanting to lead with more knowledge and confidence – you won’t find this course anywhere else!
The role of Room Leader is so important for the efficient running of a room in providing quality Education and Care for children. This course covers the important aspects of the room leader role such as leading other staff, documenting and communicating with families. It also gives the room leader a thorough revision of elements such as active supervision, behaviour guidance and interacting with children.

Responsible Person Training Course

This course is also for any services deciding who is ready for the role of Responsible Person.
This course is essential for any educator who has been asked to take on the role of Responsible Person. The course outlines the aspects of running a service that you will be responsible for in the absence of the Approved Provider and Nominated Supervisor.

Safety and Supervision in Family Day Care Course

This course covers the essential guidelines regarding Safety and Supervision in Family Day Care and is suitable for Educators new to Family Day Care as well as Educators who have been in the sector for a while.
Family Day Care is a unique part of the Education and Care Sector as each Educator works alone to provide quality care for children. Whilst there are so many positives to working alone, sometimes there are times when it can be tricky…. Like how are children adequately supervised when their Educator needs to use the bathroom!

ALL Our Learning Continues

Our eLearning courses are new but each one contains 25 years of Early Education & Care and Customer Service experience and learning. With new and exciting courses, full of sector current topics and content being added constantly!

Narelle has been conducting training for Alpha Family Day Care Service for the past 18 months. Narelle’s presentations are both engaging and knowledgeable. Most of our Educators are from Non-English speaking backgrounds and Narelle presents in a way that is easy for our Educators to understand. She has taken the time to form positive relationships with both Staff and Educators, and we feel extremely grateful for her ongoing guidance and support.

Jade and Brooke | Coordinators, Alpha Family Day Care
I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride to make it easier… Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be.
Randall Watson | Singer

Narelle has continuously supported our out-of-school care service. Her guidance, advice and support has helped our management team along with all other educators to provide high quality care. Our educators have felt refreshed and inspired after Narelle’s professional development sessions which has lead to change and improvement within our service. Narelle reached out and offered support throughout our Assessment and Rating process as well as throughout the COVID crisis. As a service we value Narelle’s support, professional opinion and the high quality of professional development she delivers.

Bianca Piazzola | Director, Stratton Out of School Hours Care

Narelle has a thorough understanding of OSHC services and the challenges we face and helps us to get a better understanding and outcome for our daily implementation of our program. Her understanding and insight of the field adds tremendous value to our Centre. Her skill in explaining various requirements regarding the Quality Areas has certainly added value to understanding concepts and interpreting them. Narelle will also assist our centre with the progress of our program cycle and its implementation. She shared valuable information with the need for critical reflection to take place ongoing. This sometimes awkward theme was broken down into manageable steps building on the future for relaxed Critical conversations aimed at our own practices that needs to be addressed.

Wilma Gouws | Director, Mt Hawthorn OSHC