Attracting Staff to Your Service

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Some thoughts on attracting and retaining quality Educators to your Service By Narelle Nettlebeck. Many services seem to be struggling to attract and retain new staff to their service. Here are some thoughts regarding this current sector issue. Simon Sinek created the Golden Circle theory for businesses. In a very brief ‘Narelle Nutshell’, he said that generally what more

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Insights from a Brand New Educator

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How can Services ‘Police’ Less and Play More? By Narelle Nettlebeck. A friend of mine started work in the Education and Care sector recently and noted 2 very insightful things... * Educators spend way too much time policing children, to the point of stifling them. * Children are at their happiest when they are playing. This is so more

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Do you have vacancies this year?

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Tips that will help you fill those spots. By Gavin Nettlebeck. It’s that time of year when the ‘big kids’ in your service head off to school and suddenly you have vacancies. This can be a stressful time with loss of income as well as the challenges that come with attracting new families to your service, interviewing and more

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